What to eat for afternoon energy boost?

After coming back from your school or you are returning home from office. You must be hungry right? But what to eat? The snacks should be something like that will give you energy even after coming back from your work & won’teven so much heavy, which may feel overloaded for your dinner. Let’s see what those food can be –

Veggies and dip: Feller loves combining a sandwich-sized bag of non-starchy veggies—think cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, or baby bell peppers—with one serving of hummus, plain yogurt, or guacamole. If you want to spice things up a little bit, you can season the veg with lime and chili pepper, and you’ve also got the option to sub the dip for an ounce of cheese.

Fruit and cheese plate: Fruit’s a great choice in the afternoon, says Feller, as long as you balance it out with protein and fat, like a serving of nuts and one ounce of cheese. (Or vegan cheese, if that’s your thing.)

Homemade nut mix: This one’s totally customizable—just blend your choice of mixed nuts and seeds with golden raisins. The key is to make sure you’re only eating 1/4 cup of the mix per serving, says Feller.

Popcorn mix: For a satisfyingly crunchy snack, mix air-popped popcorn with a serving of nuts and dry-roasted chickpeas or edamame. And be sure to make some extra—this one’s also a great choice for after-work Netflix binges.

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